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Anthropologie is the most evil company in existence. Every month or so, they send me catalogs featuring models more beautiful than I'll ever be, dressed in clothes I can't afford that strike the perfect balance between girly and cool, exploring exotic, beautiful locations that I'll likely never see. Actually, a lot of companies do such things, but Anthropologie does it in such a way that I get the distinct feeling that I could be as cool as these women if I bought their stuff. It is only natural that eventually I would succumb to their vile, wicked temptations.

Recently I got into huge trouble with my husband for acquiring one of their dresses: this one, which contains everything I'm currently obsessed with: lace, flowy and flamboyant black and white prints, a flattering high waist, and an ass-and-thighs-hiding full skirt (the true reason that I find lolita fashion so appealing). I seriously think I will still wear this dress to special events 50 years from now, provided the construction holds up to such use.

Edit: sorakirei took this hawt picture of me in the dress! :D
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I'm not dead!

I've always had issues with sleepwear. I am spoiled, you see. When I was in 8th grade, I made an excellent replica of the Final Fantasy I White Mage's outfit for Halloween, and ended up wearing it to sleep every night for years. The thing was awesome. I could curl my entire body up inside it on a cold night. But eventually, alas, it fell apart. I've had other nightgowns, but they're never cut wide enough to do that and I always end up ripping the seams. >.> This one from L.L. Bean, though, is perfect. It is not sexy and does not make me look skinny, but I can't imagine anything more comfortable. Plus, I really like the pattern of the fabric, especially on the upper front and back panels where it's pleated in such a way that it makes a completely different pattern.

Anyway, I think this nightgown is a really well-made product, and was very pleased to see that level of attention to detail on something that retails for $39.50. I could probably find a cheaper one, but it wouldn't be 100% cotton or half as well made or big enough to curl up in. It's good to know at least some clothing companies out there still care about quality.

Summer Clothes!

I don't want this nice community to die so I'll post something!

Some time ago I purchased three shirts -- two from Old Navy and one from Eddie Bauer -- for the summer, but they are a bit on the thin side. So, I had to get new seamless bras to go under them that didn't show...other textures. I bought a couple of bras by Bali that have cushy shoulder straps that don't cut into my skin, and these weird, stiff seamless cups. They're like those little rubber things that you can turn inside out and lay on a table, then after a few seconds they pop back out and flip up into the air. Highly recommended anyway.

But now, I have back fat showing through the shirts. Oy. Just can't win.
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Back to purses

My dad got me this clutch by Bosca for Christmas. It's really beautiful up close (I love the hardware), and a very functional design. But it presents a problem for me; I can't really carry it by itself because it has no place for keys, and if I carried it inside another purse, it would get scratched up by the aforementioned keys. Also, despite being beautiful, it seems wrong for me. He did include a gift receipt, so I think I'll either exchange it for a black one or use the store credit plus the cash my uncle gave me to get that Joelle Nadine bag I really liked (provided it's still available and the price is what I remember). That way, my dad will be happy because I'll have a good leather purse, and I'll be happy because it's one that fits my wardrobe and life.

I still feel like a jerk returning it, though. ._.


Late this past summer I started wearing a graphic t-shirt, kahki's, a pair of comfy velcro red Vans, a Fullmetal Alchemist pocket watch, and a wristband, such as this, that complimented the shirt's color. I'm not sure why, but I really liked how I looked. Sadly the weather has turned cooler and such an outfit is not warm enough for me. Long sleeves tend to conflict with wristbands, and I'm seriously lacking a variety in fitted long sleeve shirts that would look good under t-shirts.

Part of me can't wait until the weather is warm enough again, but maybe I should try to alter the combo so I can still enjoy it even in the winter.
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Zomg Chanel

I don't like Chanel. All the label's clothing designs that I've seen leave me cold; they're altogether too classic. I don't like their handbags and I hate the smell of Chanel No. 5. And the biography I read of Coco Chanel made her seem like a real bitch. However, when it comes to cosmetics, they're doing something right. Every so often they come up with a shade that seems like it was made especially for me. It all started with their Bizarre lip blush; back in 1994 I found a little sample of it in one of my teen girl magazines (I think it was Sassy). I tried the stuff on and holy fuck, it looked really good on me! Most lipstick colors don't work well with my skin color, which is somewhere between milk chocolate and caramel. Not only that, it is this gorgeous deep berry color and it tastes like rose petals. Every time I see some on Ebay (it's been discontinued for at least 3 years now) I snatch it up even though I've never actually managed to use up the whole container. (I always misplace it first. ; ;) Anyway, they've done it again, and that's why I just spent $33.49 on a fucking bottle of nail polish on Ebay.

I'd tried to buy Black Satin at the store, but it was sold out everywhere and they were taking names for a waiting list in case the company ever made any more of it. They said there might be more in January, though everyone on Ebay is saying it's discontinued. Part of me feels like a dickhead for buying the ZOMG TRENDY nail polish that's been seen on, like, every celebrity I don't like very much, and feels even more like a dickhead for paying more than the retail price for it. And I'll be even MORE of a dickhead if Chanel starts producing it again. On the other hand, Chanel Black Satin symbolizes the coming together of three things in fashion that I personally think are key: goth subculture, high fashion, and stuff that looks good on dark Indian people. And that doesn't happen often. So really, I couldn't miss out on it even if I wanted to. Unless my personality changes drastically in the future, I'm going to be wearing this stuff long after all the real fashionistas have moved on to the next big thing. I can see myself wearing it when I'm 80. I wonder if I should buy more of it...

On another note, I mention stuff like this on IRC or to my RL friends, and I get a whole lot of blank looks. Only my mother-in-law understands...
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What the fuck?!

I've been wanting a pair of skinny jeans with a slightly higher rise than "normal" (which is plumber-butt low these days), but this (courtesy of frooti) is ridiculous! It's even more ridiculous that the person who came up with that has a design job and I don't.
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I have a bad leg and a bad purse

It is time for me to think about acquiring a new purse, and not just any purse will do. I'm not looking for utilitarian this time, nor for professional, nor for "acceptable." I'm looking for FABULOUS. And FABULOUS is hard to define, much less to find.

I've never spent more than, say, $25 on a purse before. In fact, my tastes have always shunned expensive bags; there's always something not-quite-right about them. When I went to college, my dad wanted to buy me a Coach bag, but I talked him out of it because I'm not a fan of that label. A Coach bag, to me (and correct me if I'm wrong; I'm going off gut instinct here), says "wives and daughters of the old boys' club." It says high quality, high class, and practical. I am not any of those things, but I can certainly see why my dad wanted me to project that image. It's really not a bad image! And projecting it would help me enter the social circles that my grades in school semi-qualified me for. I think a lot of preppie, med-school-bound Indian girls had them, actually. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that the higher-end purses I've seen always made me feel like I was trying to be someone else when I picked them up, whereas the cheap no-name bags that I've gravitated towards made me feel...more like myself, whatever that means.

That all changed when I visited the Designers of Chicago shop at the Macy's on State Street. I picked up the Verona by Joelle Nadine (the one directly below/between the "Where to Buy" and "Contact" buttons, tried it on, and was instantly transported to fabulous purse heaven. It looked right, it felt right, and it was oh so beautiful and luxurious. The pricetag didn't allow me to consider it, though I have to admit that I might have if the purse had been black. Now I'm cursing myself because I want a fabulous purse and can't seem to get this desire out of my head, despite the fact that I've declared a moratorium on clothing purchases for myself until January.

In order to vicariously satisfy this desire, I've been on ebay pretending to shop for a purse. And I've actually turned up a few things that I could see myself carrying. I'm sure that the market will be entirely different by the time I'm ready to spend serious money on a handbag, but at least I can see what works and what doesn't work for me in the meantime.

This Thomas Wylde duffle bag rocks. I love the little metal skulls! It's not as over-the-top goth as what I currently carry (a black canvas messenger bag with a giant silk-screened angsty fairy on the flap), but it's not run-of-the-mill or corporate in the slightest. I like the size of it too. Despite being a petite woman, I don't mind being dwarfed by a ginormous bag; I find that it actually has a somewhat slimming effect.

I also like this Etienne Aigner clutch. It has an interesting shape, and I like the diagonal line of the flap. I've never carried a clutch purse before, though; it seems like it might be annoying to have one hand tied up by carrying it. It's a good size too; I can easily carry a sketchbook in a 14" x 10" x 2" bag. And this one, I can afford! I'm not sure how I feel about the pebbly texture of the leather, though; it strikes me as a bit matronly, and I need all the help I can get to stay out of that category.

This one by Betsey Johnson is...really blingy, though I do like the ornamentation on it. I think I would like it a lot better if it didn't have those two pockets on the front.

I didn't expect to be putting something from Juicy Couture on my list (though I did really want their pink Sidekick II case last year), but this one is really cute and is a far less blatant advertisement than most Juicy Couture bags I have seen. I even like the chain tassel decoration. Normally any kind of ornamentation hanging off of handbags makes me want to stab someone in the eye.

I also really like the Loo Loo bag by Diego Rocha, though I can't figure out how to link to it directly. It's the third bag from the left on the website. The play of colors is so subtle and beautiful that I can forgive both the tassels and the fact that the bag isn't black (though my wardrobe does demand a black bag). As an aside, I have spoken to Diego Rocha; I've seen him at Chicago Apparel Industry Board events. He is a sweet, charming, and energetic young man. I've run into Joelle too, but I haven't had the pleasure of speaking to her. When I do finally purchase the Fabulous Purse, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up buying from one of them; I might as well support local designers when I can, especially when they are awesome. Even if the bags I like from their collections are the wrong color. The better existing Chicago designers are able to do, the more likely the industry in Chicago will grow and I won't have to move to NY to find work...
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